Micro is the new Black!!

A paradox in practice – today is an age of ‘cutting down’ of sizes, in order to make it ‘large’ (read effective)!

It is apparent all around us – cricket’s new T20 avatar, SMS, abbreviations, and shorter movies! Why, even nutrition conscious folks today have cut down on meal portions and increased the frequency of small meals!

Of course, the digital medium is all pervading, into the personal spaces, like no one or nothing has ever before been able to. This translates into smart audience and a potential customer base for your business. Your prospects are all out there, you just need to get them to listen.

Not as easy as it sounds! Patience is low, expectations are high and if you want to grab their attention, you got to do so quickly. That is the mantra today.

After all, social media is a complex platform, almost a strangely ‘open’ mystery that every business today is trying to unravel. Today, mobile means social, as smartphones lay claim to the largest chunk of the internet browsing pie.

Social media content that runs into hundreds of words is perhaps not the wisest way to put up your brand’s info for the new age consumers. Step into the world of micro content – an innovative way to cut down what you want to say, in bite sizes, fit for quick consumption!

Let us understand it a bit better

Micro content is all of the following (and the list keeps growing everyday):

  • Short videos such as the 6-second ones on Vine app that can be easily shared with other Vine users.
  • Instant messages on platforms such as Snapchat
  • Photo and visuals on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Short visual and textual feeds on hugely popular social media platforms as Facebook and Twitter, including Twitter cards
  • Headlines and memes

It is not just a savvy sounding term coined for a smartly designed strategy in keeping with the times, but a whole new creative way of saying what you want to say.

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