Social Media Marketing is the new word-of-mouth

To be seen is to be heard! To be visible is to be perceived as breathing in the business world!

Companies today thrive if they can stay in the active minds of their customers. Engaging the diaspora of people across the digital space is indeed the need of the hour. Being visible in the digital world is the way to remain in the ‘talks’! Using all channels and styles of social media is therefore essential for the very ethos of existence of every business in every industry that can benefit from an online presence.

Social Media Marketing now forms a sizeable chunk of marketing investments in terms of costs and efforts. From small to big sized enterprises, most have engaged a social media manager and possibly a team that can plan the company’s social media marketing strategy. 

Social media snippets can spread like a wild fire, go viral and it is thus the new digital avatar of Word Of Mouth Marketing for your company! In fact, interesting terms are being coined in the marketing world to try and analyze the power of social media marketing. It is being called as a WOMM-On-Fire!  Interesting statistics are available to validate the power and potential of Social Media Marketing. A recent (2016) research study shows that small businesses ranked social media (48%) in the Top 10 tools they use for marketing.

The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that it has the same ingredients that Word of Mouth Marketing has – and more!

  • It is capable of facilitating conversations on a company, brand or its products and services
  • It can be one to one, one to many, peer to peer, brands to consumers, and formal as well as informal conversation.
  • The power to weave a story that can strike a chord is all so integral to Social Media Marketing!
  • The power of imagery, videos as well as textual content is the superpower here! Word Of Mouth Marketing relies on verbal (and perhaps comparable to text in Social Media Marketing) exchange, but Social Media Marketing can create powerful images that can register faster and last longer in the minds of the audience!
  • It is easily shareable!
  • It can be paid for and owned like ads, and thus one can plan how and where to launch it.
  • People tend to believe what they read, hear and see shared via Social Media Marketing, especially when sent by a friend.
  • It can be monitored! The quick feedback from all channels is the best power a company can have to judge the effect of its efforts in Social Media Marketing. Welcome to the world of social media listening tools, big data and data analytics!
  • It is addictive in today’s world! The urge to be perceived as a ‘cool one’, one who is on top of all leading digital info, and perhaps having a handle of current trends, is irresistible and thus great news for SMM pundits.

Garbed as a casual social interaction, SMM thus has more effective power than ‘boxed’ advertisements and commercials! Its power to connect as well as collect is massive! SMM can put a newbie quickly on a global pedestal, giving the so-called-stalwart competitors a run for cover! Isn’t that the aim of marketers the world over?

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