Have Wings! Will Fly!

Over a coffee conversation last week, a friend asked me a very cliche’d question, “What would your life be without Internet and the technology that we use today?”
As an e-learning professional, this sets me thinking. A life without Google or YouTube, webcams, learning portals? That would probably be a life of ignorance and incomprehension. We probably would miss out on the plethora of information all around us and this would leave the mind dull and mundane.
Its interesting how people, especially the next gen students have adopted technology and internet as the prime channel to fulfill their learning goals. Well, in the process we do need to unlearn a few things too. Say, for example, the person sitting next to me in the classroom need not have the same learning style as me. We may need to move away from fixated teaching styles to fulfill personalized learning needs. Not to say that traditional methods of studying are passé! But for a more holistic learning pedagogy, teachers and students are blending traditional styles with E-Learning. Schools and universities are investing heavily in projectors, smart aids and learning portals to assist teaching through use of visuals and observation. The stress is on engagement rather than instruction. Moreover, an introduction of free Wi-Fi on university campuses, permissible use of electronic gadgets and an authentic on-line study material included in apps or websites has changed the way schools operate. It is almost mandatory to implement this in the modern world where technology revolves around every sphere of our lives and influences the way we think, learn and discover.
I have realized that a paramount virtue of E-Learning is that it is not bound by any race, culture or location. I can, at any time of the day, sitting anywhere can make use of it! I can find resources to suit my learning style. My friend next door and me have diversified abilities in terms of obtaining knowledge, so we are no longer confined to the “one teacher and one class” setup.
With a nice blend of traditional learning and E-Learning, the studying process as a whole is turning out to be immensely effective and efficient for students. We are living in very fruitful times, the world is within a hands’ reach, knowledge available at a tap; then why should we limit our possibilities? When I was a child, I wished I had wings! I could fly far and wide. As I learn something new every single day, thanks to technology, I feel I do have wings, wings that take me into the world of information.

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