Build a Killer Brand Identity: Three things to start with!

Your company is a brand. Your personal brand is how you project yourself to the world, as that is how they will see you. It’s important for you to believe in what you say about yourself and ensure your products and services reflect the same value and beliefs. You absolutely cannot talk about being ecofriendly if any of your products or services isn’t so.

Once people begin to identify you with a specific area of expertise, you will know you are getting there! So how to create your standing in your specific industry and even reach potential customers outside?

Here are three ways to build your personal brand:

Who are you, really?

It’s definitely easier for you to talk about what led to the conception of the brand and share your personal story, rather than molding the entire brand around a made-up story, which will be exhausting to comply with and maintain in the longer run.

Always remember, people connect with people. Your brand needs to sound like a person interacting with the audience. Don’t be afraid of vulnerability or involving your audience into a conversation to strengthen the brand voice.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

Once you establish your brand story along with the “who”, “why”, “what” and “for whom”, don’t hesitate to engage. If you speak as others do, your potential customers will get disinterested eventually. Spike interest! Show that you know what you are talking about and you mean it! Also, it’s crucial to remain open to feedback, so the audience knows their opinions matter. Acknowledge if you also feel you may have done better.

Start small and take it from there. Keep building and look for ways to engage with the audience better, both platform-wise and content wise. Be open to attending events and conferences, to learn and also get a following!

Once a student, always a student!

Irrespective of how well-versed you are with your area of expertise and the industry, too, you need to take a step back and see the bigger picture—changing industry trends, technology, social media advent and also keep in mind the ever-reducing attention span of the audience. No matter how varied your content gets over time, stay relevant. Study and read up! Build a stock of content way in advance and keep updating them as per the need.

FOUR brands that struck the right chord!

Dove: For many years now, Dove has made boosting self-esteem its agenda and all of its campaigns never fail to represent the sentiment. “Choose Beautiful” inspired an emotional response from the audience and delivered!

GoPro: This brand uses a simple yet effective strategy that places customers at the center of their content. It encourages and invites photographs and videos from GoPro users, and even pays the best contributors. This showcases generosity, variety and engagement.

Chumbak: With a humble beginning in 2010 with fridge magnets, it stuck to Facebook for its product launches, announcements and even open customer queries. Its campaigns are fun and involve the audience on social media platforms.

Ariel: The storytelling approach of the brand has worked well for it. The shift from demonstrative to storytelling has been gradual and smart. Its “Share the Load” campaign resonated well with the audience as it addressed the much-talked-about gender divide in a subtle manner through different media.

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