6 things to keep in mind while creating micro content to boost your business

Micro content is the new kid on the block with powerful impact. It can boost up your brand on social media platforms. It has the uncanny ability to sneak into the personal accounts of all your potential and existing customers! This is a brilliant opportunity for your business, isn’t it? But you’ve got to get your act right!

Your micro-content needs to be compelling, crisp, fit for snack-able digestion, and attractive. You would need to keep few things in mind though to ensure that this is not a tall order for you:

  1. Keep it relevant to the target: The rule applies for everything in social media! Your content should be about ‘me’ – so show those who want to see. Remember who your target is; knowing your prospects and their tastes will be the key here.


  1. Serve the right cuisine: Micro content has to be short and to the point. Hence, don’t think ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’. Rather repeat to yourself – ‘educate’, ‘help’, ‘entertain’, ‘inspire’, ‘connect’!


  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel always: You don’t have to be Einstein each time and invent fresh content. Tech has a new word to help you – curation! Share a relevant content done by someone else on your social platforms, and it is equally effective. You just caught their attention and embedded a feeling of trust in their minds, as you give credits to the original creator.


  1. It’s all about action: You are spending time and money on micro content for your business after all. So when you show them what they like, you have to ‘ask’ them as well. Having said that, keep the ‘ask’ micro and simple, such as an easy-to-press button.


  1. Themes always click: Build your short content around a theme. Focus on fun, easy to understand, entertainment, and content that is quirky and cheap to make and run. The cost becomes low with themes in focus, as it increases chances of repeatability – ‘been there, done that’ law works well here.


  1. Toy with one or two at a time: You don’t have to go out all there on every conceivable platform at once. Start with one or two media, plan the frequency and type of posts there, burn your hands and yet roast your meat, and then relook at how to use the other available platforms for your next set of micro-feeds! This will help you fine tune your micro content strategy as well.


Investing in micro content is the need of sustenance in today’s competitive market. To be seen is to be heard. But more importantly, you have to be seen frequently with small interactive appearances that are witty, fun and relevant enough! This is a sure-shot way to keep your brand alive in the memories of your prospects and thus give an impetus to your business.

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