10 ways to be a micro-content czar

Micro-content is the new kid on the block in the digital marketing world, with just about any and every business in the world jumping on this bandwagon! The digital space is filled with videos, texts, blogs, images and what not. At an average, any person encounters 10-12 micro contents in just a couple of hours of digital activity, out of which he/she is likely to follow at least two. That’s the power of micro!

Are you as a business getting it right? A sword is as effective as the hand that wields it! So, to unleash the potential of micro-content for your business, you will need to plan and synergize the content that you decide to put out there.

Some tricks that you may find helpful are listed below:

  1. Strategy

‘Small’ does not translate into less work! It is all about planning. Have a firm strategy in place, know your selling points and master the art of packaging them in small and relevant bits of information.Micro-content should be planned and scheduled regularly as well timed and adequately paced information ensures that your audience stays hooked to your business.

  1. Where to start- know where your audience is

Decide on your target audience and then have the intelligence and feedback to analyse their digital habits. The social media platforms that they use, the time of day, the type of content – such info can help you engage the right people at the right time

  1. Leverage the positives of the chosen platform(s)

You may have zeroed in on Vine and Instagram for example. Each has its own permissible length of short videos. Use this knowledge as your ally in structuring and designing the content that you want to create. After all, the audience on a particular platform is used to a certain length and style popular there, so you stick your guns to it to be accepted well!

  1. Break existing content

A smart way to create impactful Micro-content is to break the existing macro content into smaller chunks. This bite size content will be easily digestible by your target audience and still stay relevant. It’ll save time and resources and result in a series of relevant micro-content feeds.

  1. Build a story

Don’t just plan one small bite at a time; plan carefully how you would like your story to unfold through a series of say 4 or 6 successive feeds. This helps you get the audience hooked as they wait for the next update that gives incremental or related info. Your storytelling skills are up to test here!

  1. Create Omni channel content

Focusing on how it looks is very important. Make content that can be released on multiple channels, esp. on the smartphone screens. The more its visibility, the more it shall be shared!

  1. Call to action – share

Encourage your audience to share, have easy-to-click buttons that can engage your viewers and respond to your subtle call to action naturally! Nothing works better then self-motivation for publicity!

  1. Imagery/ videos are your best buddies

A picture is worth a thousand words! Use liberal images and short videos to say what you want to with impact with creativity!

  1. Snackable, short and simple

The word is micro – keep it that way! Short complete messages can linger on in the minds of your audiences long after they are done with the actual viewing!

  1. Build for your audience not your business

The most basic, yet the most oft overlooked! Show them value; give them something that will help them make some part of their life easier. Whatever you do, do not market via micro-content. If you do, you will simply accelerate your customer spurn rate!


Of course, smart design of micro-content should contain keywords that you want to include. Just putting your logo and website link may not suffice here! It is a fine balance really! But one that you can master with grit, focus and bit of practice!  Micro-content is after all pocket-friendly, so you can experiment around a bit, and surely you can figure out the perfect tactics that work for you!

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